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Invisible Sun

Dark Sun, D&D 4th Edition

There has to be an invisible sun; it gives us hope when the whole day’s done… – The Police

Nibeney is one of the most elegant cities in Athas, but her corruption is as old and destructive as the roiling sands of the desert world. Her terrible Sorcerer King who named his city for himself was led to believe that four nobodies within his walls would raise Nibeney in such a way as he had never dreamed. Thus, he sent his Templar-wife and trusted consort, Min-Suu, to round up four people who he believed were the ones who had been foretold to him. She imprisoned Mikal, a half-elven merchant of House M’Ke, D’Jee a nomadic Tiefling psion, Fips, a half-crazed halfling swordmage and rogue, and T’Chack, a proud thri-kreen hunter, and she put them in the labyrinth beneath the arena to test if these pitiful lowlifes were indeed the ones who had been foretold. There they met an imprisoned human warlock, Alain, who had been imprisoned for his arcane power and a red wyrmling, both of whom would dramatically alter the party’s dynamic and join them in fulfilling a prophesy they do not know they are a part of.

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