T’Chak is a Thri-Kreen hunter and a proud warrior. He’s often quick to act, but he’s honorbale to a fault and not one to act stupidly. More than anything, he seems to tire easily of the humanoids’ penchant for debate and conversation. He’s of a short-lived race (Thri-Kreen only live to a ripe old age of 20, and T’Chak himself is only five), so his alacritous behavior is appropriate.

As a ranger, a hunter, and a member of a wild race, T’Chak hates defiling and distrusts every arcane spellcaster by association, even his party member Alain (he does not know that Mikal and Fips are arcane casters, though he does have his suspicions about Fips). He also has a general distaste for all non-Kreen. Halflings have perhaps the most in common with the Kreen, so of all the humanoid races, they’re slightly more preferable to him, but not by much.

T’Chak would have willingly killed Alain when Min-Suu revealed that he was a spellcaster, but the rest of the party placated him by reminding him that they all fought together and that Min-Suu is the least trustworthy person on Athas. In time, he grew to see his party members as his new clutch- creating a deep kinship with them that they don’t understand, or perhaps even see since he is so kurt and quiet. His patience with them is often tried, but he’s fought bravely at their side ever since.

If there’s one thing that T’Chak can’t stand, it’s that damned Red dragon. He knows it was a ticking time-bomb, willing to kill and eat all of them the moment they put their guards down. He’s particularly glad that they had to leave it behind.


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