Villain, Nibeney, Templar, Psion


In her glittering ceremonial armor and lush and lavish silk vestments, Min-Suu commands the attention of all who walk the streets of Nibeney. Truely daring souls call her “Dragon Lady” when they think she won’t find out from one of her numerous fellow Templars. She is one of Nibeney’s highest ranking Templars and his bride in more than name only — a force to reckoned with. She is a powerful psion in her own right, as well.

The nobles of the city and those aspiring to nobility, like Kang, treat her with the same reverence they’d show her husband in order to make sure they stay in her good graces, but most of the commoners, slaves, and merchants veiw her as an indulgent and self-important witch and do their best to avoid ever having to deal with her.


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