Nibeney, hunter


Kang is known all over Nibeney as the man who supplies beasts for the arena, but he organizes hunts for the wealthy and exotic, sometimes illegal, pets for those who can pay. He has gone to seed, and a less astute person would believe he hires hunters to capture animals for him because he’s lost his edge, but Kang is still as ruthless and predatory as he was in his prime. Even animals he didn’t catch himself growl whenever he approaches, then whimper when his gaze turns to them. The brown and red dragons the party encountered were specialty projects that Kang supplied to the arena.

Kang dresses as a noble with all the appropriate pomp and circumstance, but his home is unusually gaudy and ostentatious- obviously a show for less important or wealthy individuals than himself, such as the hunters he employs. He and Min-Suu have a working relationship, but he is poising favor with her. He recently sent the party on a quest for an albino tiger to present to Min-Suu as a pet.


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