Psion Tiefling


Djee is a teifling psion whose kind heart aches whenever she is forced to kill to repay the debt passed on by her heritage. She left her home in hopes that the devils would not take her soul, relying on her intelligence and serpent’s tongue.

On her travels, she met a young man named Marq. He was sickly, and her heart called out to him. Their friendship is oddly based, though no one knows exactly how it started.

She came to Nibeney to help her friend try and find a cure for his disease, but was captured and thrown in prision for a crime that may or may not be worthy of such punishment. She was placed in the labyrinth with three others, adding a few in their ranks, though only one became a full party member.

She and T’Chak had something of a falling out when he accused her of being no better than a defiler for her demonic heritage, but they have since reconciled. After all, one cannot choose their heritage, merely their class.

She seemed less hostile to Alain when Min-Suu revealed that he is a caster than T’Chak or Fips did, though why is not something she chooses to reveal. After they were released from Min-Suu‘s care, she had a drunken tryst with Mikal’s friend, Content Not Found: gazim, which Fips occasionally still teases her for, though it is not something that bothers her. After all, everyone needs to release some tension every once in a while, and Marq is too good of a friend. However, she does not take kindly to anyone who treats her like an object or a weakling because of her gender.

Besides Mikal, she was the most fond of the Red dragon and even, unsuccessfully, tried to teach it to play fetch. It was a sad parting, but she trusts the dragon is happy in her new home.

Perhaps her most distinguishing features, besides her horns, are the row of dragon’s teeth across her brow and the thin red veil that covers her face.


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