Invisible Sun

The Dragon's Teeth

Once Fips and T’Chak realized that the shriekers were defending a dead end, they quietly returned to the party and suggested they fight the dragon instead. There was no reason to these hunters to fight creatures that were simply defending their space. So into the dragon’s reach they went. The dragon filled the chamber with painful swirling sands, and dealt them massive damage, but they fought valiantly against it! The little red dragon was too afraid to confront the larger brown dragon, and The Ran was in total defense mode, guarding D’Jee and Alain, but he never was called upon to attack.

The dragon’s horde granted them a tidy sum of coin, Nibenese clay currency, and jewelry, but the party seemed much more interested in harvesting parts of the dragon. They’ll be using the hide to make one set of leather armor and to cover one shield. D’Jee is using one of the four fangs for a hair piece, and Alain was excited at the prospect of making one of the fangs into a masterwork dagger– a tactic I believe Mikal and Fips will be emulating. T’Chak wanted to use the tendons and smaller teeth to make jewelry, a wonderful bit of flavor, I thought, so I made Fips do it, too. With twelve claws to sell and all their loot, the party figured they had accumulated a nice haul. They also left with a new group name: The Dragon’s Teeth. I was reluctant about it, but it’s really growing on me.

They steeled themselves and finished their trek through the labyrinth. When they reached the Pit, a heated battle was already going on between three gladiators, but when the announcer saw the prisoners had made it through the labyrinth, Min-Suu stopped the battle and soon pit the gladiators against the party. The party won, sparing the Dragonborn champion and one of the human gladiators with the other having fallen before he could yield.

Min-Suu invited the victors into a nearby room, allowing the party to rest, eat, and drink. Naturally, the party was horrendously suspicious of the woman who put them in this dungeon. The announcer, an Elven man, was in there as well with the elven woman from before, Vilnek, but Min-Suu dismissed them. She told them she would like to see the party again after they had rested and that she would let them stay in a nearby hotel, and she made a point to call Alain “caster,” a tidbit that set off the whole party in one of my favorite moments to date.

You see, so far, the party has role played enough to get to know each other and to generally plan their way through the labyrinth and strategies in battle, but now they really had to talk to each other and let their characters shine. D’Jee went for the wine, knocking back two glasses before Min-Suu dismissed herself to attend to her templar duties. Once the cruel woman left, T’Chak became fairly hostile to Alain, calling him out for his powers. D’Jee was the first to call him out, but he insulted her heritage, and for his trouble, she threw her glass of wine in his face. Fips tried to deflate the situation, but revealed she knew something of magic as well, pissing T’Chak off even more. Eventually, a servant came in to ask them to leave the room and meet the adoring public. D’Jee knocked back her third glass of wine and the party left, a hairsbreadth from fighting amongst themselves.

Once they got outside, T’Chak promptly climbed up the wall and left to collect his thoughts. The rest of the party was overwhelmed by fans. One of these fans was Mikal’s old friend, an Elven trader named Hasim. Another was a monster hunter named Kang, a fat human man that the dragon recognized and became hostile towards, making the party wary of him. They became even more wary of him when he offered them a job, and if they wanted to accept the position, they needed only speak to Min-Suu and she would arrange a meeting with him. D’Jee became rather smitten with Hasim, who invited the party back to the Elven market district. Fips and Mikal decided to take the dragon to go find T’Chak and try and encourage him to rejoin the group. Meanwhile, Hasim seduces D’Jee and Alain wanders the market, trying to act like he doesn’t know what the Tiefling is doing in Hasim’s tent. Mikal and Fips eventually convince T’Chak and they all go back to the Elven market to sell their wares and resupply, which I need to remember to do next session…

Hasim pulls Mikal aside later to offer him a job transporting some illegal magical herbs to some druids who want to use them to free Vilnek, whom he learns is a powerful druid of the Crescent Forest that Nibeney keeps as one of his ‘wives’ to humiliate her. Alain and T’Chak make amends, and Fips teases D’Jee a bit about sleeping with Hasim, revealing that she has had three children of her own. When Mikal returned to the group, they discussed their plans. They will be agreeing to speak to Kang in order to have the appropriate cover for smuggling the herbs.

I have a lot to plan for, but fortunately, we’ll be taking a break for a few weeks to return to Wes’s Eberron campaign and let me work out the next leg of this adventure! I’m excited!



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